Connected IoT Remote Connectivity Solutions

More than ever, businesses need reliable connectivity options to keep remote workers and machines online & accessible. Small businesses and large enterprises alike are having to find new ways to work more effectively to stay connected to business systems and stay productive.

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IoT Remote Connectivity

Remote Connectivity

Nationwide 3G/4G Mobile internet & cloud managed hardware with SD-WAN networking.
IoT Devices and Data

IoT Devices and Data

Connectivity + Secure remote access to any IP network device from your laptop, tablet or phone.
3G/4G Backup Service

3G/4G Backup Service

Dedicated primary or failover 3G/4G/LTE service for your most critical business systems.

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M2M One NZ specialise in Machine to Machine and IoT solutions designed to be simple to deploy and administer and flexible to your network needs.

  • Deploy fast
  • Save on time and complexity
  • Cloud integrated and managed
  • SD-WAN enabled integration
  • Expert local technical support
  • Flexible M2M/IoT data plan services
  • Secure VPN Access for multiple users

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