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LoRaWAN™ IoT - Connecting "Things"

Connect your “things” on Spark’s LoRaWAN™ low power wide area network with M2M One NZ.

Spark’s LoRaWAN™ network is purpose built for Internet of Things applications and goes beyond traditional M2M communications.

With LoRaWAN™ technology there are endless innovative application possibilities, from Smart Water Metering, Asset Monitoring, Smart Garbage collection, and improved Supply & Logistics Optimization.

M2M One NZ LoRaWAN™ Solution Overview

Spark Connected IoT Low Power LoRaWAN™ Coverage

The map indicates where Spark estimate network coverage will be available by mid 2018. Spark is investing to expand on this planned coverage based on customer demand. If you require coverage outside of the planned areas, please contact us to explore options available to meet your coverage requirements.

Your experience may vary from the coverage shown depending on LoRa device characteristics, how it is used, and the local environment.

Looking for LoRaWAN connectivity?

M2M One NZ can help make it easy for you to get your LoRaWAN AS923 sensors connected on the Spark’s Connected IoT Low
Power Network. From helping you get set up with the M2M ThingPark Wireless Platform through to activating and managing your network of sensors. Contact us to find out more about M2M One NZ Connected IoT Low Power Services.